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Do I Need An Attorney For Oklahoma Unemployment Law

Requirement of an attorney

Unemployment insurance laws are usually complex and vary from state to state. Attorneys in Claremore Oklahoma assist you determine what benefits you are entitled to in Oklahoma and rest of the states as well. An employment attorney can also help you file an appeal if you are found ineligible for unemployment insurance.

Almost everyone needs some legal help at some stage of life. Persons charged with crimes need to defend the charges, similarly sometimes employees need to hire an attorney. Do you have reason to think that you were denied a promotion because of your gender or for any other discrimination? Maybe you were laid off or fired because you suspect the employer wanted to hire someone younger with a smaller salary.

You Can Appeal the Decision

If your employer tries to block your unemployment claim, in most states you're entitled to a hearing. The unemployment commission will not simply take the side of your employer. Your Attorney must let the commission ably know of your objections by filing an appeal within a restricted time limit.

If an employee is terminated by the employer, still the employee may be eligible to receive unemployment compensation benefits. To be eligible for unemployment benefits, the employee must be unemployed through no fault of his own, be able and willing to work, seek full-time employment and file a claim for benefits. Additionally, former employees may be entitled to continuation of their health insurance at the employee's expense under COBRA.

A termination outside of the scope of the Employment Protection Act shall be deemed as ineffective on grounds of immorality or of breach of good faith. The termination statement should be checked by your lawyers as to evaluate the legality of the order.

Do IN Oklahoma "at-will" employment laws Exists?

In most situations, employers don’t have to provide workers any sureties or promises about their employment and can fire them for any reason that is not based on discrimination. Oklahoma is an at-will employment state, which means that either the employer or the employee can terminate the employment relationship for any reason without prior intimation. However, if an employment contract exists between the parties that limit the employer's ability to terminate the employment relationship at will. Additionally, employers may not fire an employee for an illegal reason. Examples of illegal reasons for firing an employee include employment discrimination, such as age, race, or gender discrimination, and retaliation for filing an employment related complaint against the employer, such as workers' compensation, unsafe work environment, or employment discrimination.