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Common questions about Oklahoma unemployment laws

Common Questions

Following is a list of the Unemployment Insurance ‘FAQ’s. These questions and answers based on personal experience of individuals, we believe you find this information helpful. If you have more specific questions that you would like answered, please contact Claremore Lawyer.

What is Unemployment Insurance?

It is a program of social insurance introduced to ease the economic burden of unemployment by offering a temporary source of income for workers’ who are unemployed without fault of their own.

“Unemployment is an insurance paid by your employer in the form of Unemployment Taxes”.

UI Claimant FAQs

  • When should I apply for benefits?
  • Can anyone apply for unemployment compensation benefits?
  • Will I automatically qualify if I file a claim?
  • What can keep me from qualifying for benefits?
  • If I am monetarily eligible, (I have the required wages in my base period) will I receive benefits?
  • How do I apply for UI?
  • What should I have ready when I apply for my claim?
  • Can I file a claim outside of Oklahoma?
  • If I am denied benefits, do I have any recourse?
  • Will my employer be notified?
  • How do I file a weekly claim?
  • Are all earnings reportable each week?
  • How long may I receive benefits?
  • Who pays for Unemployment Benefits?
  • If I was fired or quit my job, can I collect benefits?
  • Can I speak to someone in person about my claim?li
  • How do I register for work?
  • How do I get my Unemployment Benefit payment?
  • What are my next steps after I apply for Unemployment Benefits?
  • What do I do if I forgot my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
  • How do I prove wages or earnings?
  • How do I enter information?
  • How can I get help?
  • When can UI benefits be paid?
  • Where is my UI payment?
  • I lost or did not receive my bi-weekly certification. What should I do?
  • Can I receive my UI benefits through electronic benefit payments such as Direct Deposit or Electronic Payment Card?
  • Are claimants required to pay taxes on UI benefits?
  • How do I end my claim?
  • What are residual payments?
  • What are holding fees?
  • How do I file an appeal?
  • Why am I not eligible for benefits? You took money out of my check while I was working.
  • I live in another state, but have a California UI claim. I received a notice that I am not eligible for benefits. If I file an appeal do I have to come to California to attend a hearing?